Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally! First 5th Edition Game

It's been too long since I've had a game with my Space Wolves. My last game was in the summer of 2007, so still during 4th edition. I had placed myself on restriction to get my army painted. It is near complete but with the new SW dex on the horizon I wanted to scratch my gaming "itch" with the current dex.

I had an excellent and patient opponent. It was an objective mission at 1850 points and ended in a draw. If he were less patient and more blood thirsty the game would have certainly have been a loss.

I look forward to more gaming now in between chasing my toddler, loving on the wife, and painting all my armies.

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Big Jim said...

Yeah, I know the sentiment very well. I just recently started playing 5th as I was trundling along trying to get my stuff table worthy.

I'm just now going back and finishing the minis one squad at a time.